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NJ/PA Litigation Defense Support

In order for our clients to prevail in court, arbitration or in negotiations, we recognize it is essential that Legal Support Serviceslaw firms and its attorney’s are equipped with as much information as possible. AXE is acutely aware of this fact and is expert at acquiring the evidence, documentation or information needed for our clients to succeed in litigation.

Our Pennsylvania based investigative team is discrete, and works thoroughly and efficiently in gathering the necessary information; and does so, legally and ethically so we can provide the proof to validate our findings which may have been collected or assembled from various sources so that our clients can produce our work-product for court.

We realize that much of our investigative work involves the development of evidence for presentation in court, and we carefully engage investigative methods and techniques that can bear the scrutiny of legal challenges. Our 25+ year history of conducting private investigations demonstrates our high degree of transparency and accountability to clients. Accurate and careful records are kept to make certain that in everything we do, we will work to establish and maintain a long-term relationship, based on trust and commitment to help our clients succeed.

Litigation support investigative services include:

  • Written & Recorded Statements
  • Background Investigations
  • Facility Canvassing
  • AOE COE Investigations
  • Medical Records Retrieval
  • Contestable Death Interviews
  • Loss Scene Investigations
  • Professional Licenses; Business Licenses/li>
  • Email Tracing; Website Domain
  • Automobile and Personal Injury Insurance Database
  • Real Estate; Property Title Searches
  • Asset Searches and Bankruptcy Records
  • Vehicle Insurance and Driving Records
  • Address Verification
  • Death, Name Change, Marriage, Divorce Records
  • Vital Statistic Records
  • Criminal Records County, State or Federal; felony or misdemeanor
  • Tax, Property and Credit Records
  • MVR/DMV Reports; Vehicle TAG and VIN Traces; Driving Records


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