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Insurance & SIU Investigations


InsuranceAXE specializes in Property, Professional Disability, and Commercial claims investigation for major insurance companies, self-insured’s, and TPA’s in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.  Our responsibility is to conduct impartial investigations in every suspicious file.  Any claims found with significant or gross misrepresentation will be referred and supported for litigation with legal defense teams in injury proceedings.  Any findings of fraud are identified and referred to law enforcement agencies for prosecution.

With over 25 years in business, and extensive experience, AXE offers its clients a broad range of services in support of life, health and disability claims. Investigative assignments normally involve claims investigations, including negligence involving commercial vehicles, trucks, personal automobiles, boats, product liability and construction accidents. The range of services can include routine, yet speedy, retrieval of records, accident scene documentation, fast witness locates, examination of suspicious claims through surveillance, and working with SIU’s in conjunction with fraud investigations. The company also provides background investigations and profile reports of insured’s, claimants and witnesses; and assists subrogation units with asset and financial profiles for evaluation or recovery.

Special Investigation Unit (SIU): Suspect claims are referred to the insurer's SIU representatives for potential fraud investigation -- or use our professional SIU resources and well-trained professional staff. Our investigators are specialists and trained to investigate signs that a claim may be fraudulent; have the resources to flag and investigate suspect files; and then share investigation results with the appropriate law enforcement agencies. All of our fraudulent referral cases have been successfully prosecuted.


Search & Investigations


Liability Investigation

Investigations of accidents that include, but not limited to automobile, boating, motor­cycles, premises, motor vehicle, construction, product liability, and slip & fall accidents.


Locate and determine assets and income information.

Insurance Defense

Professional Disability, Personal Injury and Workers Compensation. Service responds to typical coverage’s for product liability, auto liability, and profes­sional liability insurance. Designed to verify the validity of claims and to determine possible mitigating factors that will reduce or minimize costs exposure. Provide complete accident investigation, record searches and background profiles including examination of the conditions surrounding the accident and witness statements.


Designed to determine and verify undisclosed activities of claimants, or limitations of movement and mobility; activity checks develop present activities, recovery and progress of a claimant's condition in disability claims.


Film or Digital documentation of buildings, premises, construction sites and intersections to produce for legal proceedings, including aerial photography.

Accident Reconstruction

Designed to provide details from the accident scene. This is not an engineering service. The process will provide information and photographs from the scene through the development of witnesses, terrain, and other site conditions; includes Boating Accidents and Marine Surveys.


Finding missing persons, witnesses, address verifications or other location requirements.


Interviews documented through written, audio or video record­ing of statements for legal procedures; eliminate uncertainty about disputed facts and issues by interviewing witnesses and gathering information that clarifies facts. Prepare clear, concise reports that document what witnesses said and what information was gathered; and evaluate the reliability and credibility of witnesses.

Other Investigative Services

  • Claims Investigation
  • Written & Recorded Statements
  • Background Investigations
  • Subrogation Investigations
  • Alive & Well Verifications
  • Loss Scene Investigations
  • Long Term Care Assessments
  • Worker's Compensation and Claims Check
  • Automobile and Personal Injury Insurance Fraud Database
  • Real Estate; Property Title Searches Hidden Asset Searches
  • Asset Searches and Bankruptcy Records
  • Vehicle Insurance and Driving Records
  • Address Verifications
  • Death, Name Change, Marriage, Divorce Records
  • Vital Statistic Records
  • Criminal Records County, State or Federal; felony or misdemeanor
  • Tax, Property and Credit Records
  • MVR/DMV Reports; Vehicle TAG and VIN Traces; Driving Records

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